About Us

Our cooperative is dedicated to making sustainable agriculture a top priority, aiming to improve the well-being of our farmers and the community, protect natural resources, and ensure long-term sustainability in the agricultural sector.

We will be delighted to collaborate on sustainability in the agri-food ecosystem.

Our cooperative aims to enhance agricultural productivity and promote environmental sustainability by developing new technologies and business models.

We aim to support our farmers to ensure food security in our community.

We focus on research and collaboration projects to enhance the competitiveness of our farmers and reduce environmental impacts.

If you also wish to join our sustainable agriculture goals and benefit from the support our cooperative provides, please reach out to us for more information.

Our Services

Project Planning

Our cooperative brings together an expert team and experienced farmers/cooperatives to develop and implement successful projects in the field of sustainable agriculture. Our goal is to provide customized projects for managing your agricultural activities in an environmentally friendly, efficient, and economically sustainable manner. Taking into account the specific features of your agricultural area, we implement projects that conserve natural resources, increase farmer/cooperative incomes, and benefit the community.

Business Model Development

An effective business model for transitioning to sustainable agriculture is one of the key focal points for our cooperative. Our experienced consultants and agricultural experts collaborate to create tailored business models for our stakeholders. These models may encompass the cultivation of high-value-added crops, organic farming practices, innovative marketing strategies, farm management, financial sustainability and renewable energy. In this way, we contribute to our farmers/cooperatives achieving long-term success and to the promotion of widespread sustainable agriculture.

Capacity Building

Creating an effective business model for the transition to sustainable agriculture is a key focus for our cooperative. We organize training sessions on modern farming techniques and best practices, actively encouraging the adoption of new technologies. Simultaneously, we provide supportive programs to strengthen our farmers’/cooperatives’ marketing strategies and improve their overall productivity. In this way, we contribute to our farmers’/cooperatives’ long-term success and the widespread promotion of sustainable agriculture.

Consulting Support

Our cooperative is here to provide expert consulting services to our stakeholders. We identify issues encountered in agricultural processes and offer solutions. We guide our cooperative stakeholders on improving agricultural techniques, efficient resource utilization, and the implementation of sustainability strategies. Our goal is to enhance our farmers’/cooperatives’ knowledge and expertise, thereby assisting them in achieving long-term success.

Educational Support

One of the cornerstones of sustainable agriculture is increasing the knowledge of farmers and agricultural workers. Our cooperative makes efforts to enhance the agricultural skills and knowledge of our stakeholders through regular educational programs. By organizing training sessions on topics such as modern farming practices, organic farming techniques, eco-friendly agricultural methods, and marketing strategies. We aim to improve our stakeholders’ agricultural competencies and contribute to the widespread promotion of sustainable agriculture.

Risk Management

Agricultural activities can be exposed to certain risks. Our cooperative assists our stakeholders in mitigating potential risks by providing support in risk management. We assess agricultural risks, provide information on suitable insurance and financial instruments, and encourage our farmers/cooperatives to adopt resilient agricultural practices in the face of risks.

Our Values


Agricultural Innovation

Learning and Continuous Improvement

Collaboration and Solidarity

Regional Development

Gender Equality



Agriculture Village


A pioneering concept known as the Farmers’ Experience Center.
The Sustainable Agriculture Scientific R&D Cooperative unites farmers, academics, innovative entrepreneurs, agriculture experts, sustainability specialists, clean-tech/climate-tech experts, IT professionals, economists, and accomplished business developers in a collaborative endeavor. This collective aims to establish the Sustainable Agriculture Village.

Our Founding Partners

Prof. Dr. Meltem Onay<br>Chairman of the Board

Selen İnal
Vice Chairman of the Board

Ülkü Özeren (SIM Consultancy)<br>Board Member

Meltem Demirci Köknar
Founding Partner

Olgay Demirci
Founding Partner

Burcu Batur Sütçüoğlu
Founding Partner

Tayfun Bahsi
Founding Partner